State Mandated Continuing Education Programs

Chapter 78 of the Acts of 2008 mandated the BBRS to develop and promulgate Continuing Education Programs for Massachusetts licensed Construction Supervisors.


Beginning on July 1, 2011 any licensed Construction Supervisor whose license was up for renewal on that date or any date thereafter, within the 2 year license period, has to complete either a 10 hour program for a Restricted License or a 12 hour program for an Unrestricted License; otherwise, their license will not be renewed.  Specialty Licenses only require completing a 6 hour program prior to license renewal.


The State requires that these programs must inlcude one (1) hour of each of the following 5 topics, which will allow a Coordinatory to present any other topic for the remaining hours. 


  1. Code Review
  2. Workplace Safety
  3. Business Practices / Workers Compensation
  4. Energy
  5. Lead Safety Practices (only first renewal cycle)


*All State Mandated Continuing Education Programs must be approved by the BBRS*


In addition to the above,

which are included in the membership fee,

CSA-MA is offering the following services at reduced member rates:

  • State mandated continuing education programs offered at convenient times and locations through our affiliate, Massachusetts Construction Supervisors Academy (MSCA) 
  • Assistance with regulatory matters before local Building Departments, Zoning Boards, and the Courts.
  • Legal representation.